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说国外不修电视的可以闭嘴了--Useful RT809H Universal Programmer In LCD TV Repair

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发表于: 2018-11-15 10:16:58
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本文是转载来自外国网站上的文章(This article is shared from the foreign website)原文链接(the original article link):http://jestineyong.com/useful-rt ... r-in-lcd-tv-repair/

Useful RT809H Universal Programmer In LCD TV Repair
威廉希尔和bet36About a week ago I noticed an older used (2010) 26 inch MEDION LCD TV that someone had thrown outside next to our building’s waste container. And before I took it home for parts or for repair like any good engineer would do, I first checked if the MEDION TV model MD20174 was not too damaged, and luckily the LCD screen looked still unscratched and repairable.
I cleaned the dust from the outside case before I checked if the TV was still functioning somehow when powered on. By switching ON the power switch on the back and pushing the Standby side button the screen came on. But only for a short few seconds after which the TV didn’t react anymore on the buttons or the power switch. No matter how often I had tried.
So it was time to open up the TV to examine what had caused this.
I also checked the internet forums and searched with Google for any answers that could help fixing this older MEDION TV. But nothing could be found. Not even a schematic and certainly no service manual.
I therefore started to check with my DMM the voltages on the power supply board type AOYUAN AY130P-4HF03/04. All voltages checked out fine. So I continued by checking all flat cable connections and how they were attached to the other boards.
On following picture all connectors are shown. It shows that the four 24V power lines and the 4 GND lines (CON3) go directly to the CFL inverter board. The CON2 connector of the power supply is not used and the other connector with the four +5V power lines, the five GND lines, and ON/OFF plus +5VSB (5V standby) all go to the MAINBOARD. (Next photo shows the power board connectors).

Because I knew that I could try to extract the mainboard’s firmware with my new great RT809H universal programmer, even if the TV wasn’t giving any signs of life, I first decided to make sure I had a backup copy of the Medion Firmware of this TV. Because if the FW is lost the device will be beyond any repair and will not operate anymore. And Medion doesn’t share this with TV buyers/owners on the internet. Only a Medion MD20174 users guide can be found and downloaded.
Above backup method is simply possible because the BIOS chip on the mainboard can be read through the VGA ISP port of the RT809H when connected to the VGA port of this TV. The BIOS chip, here a 4MB eeprom, always gets 3.3V on its power pin 8 and so can be read even if the GPU/TV mainboard chip is partly defect.
I didn’t find any help or information but assumed that it was not the LCD, the inverter, and neither the CFL backlight tubes that were at fault, because I had seen them working once. Showing a perfect TV picture if only for a few seconds before the screen garbled and the TV kept silence afterwards. And that only left one possible suspect open, the mainboard. The mainboard is also the board that controls the BKL, ADJ and GND lines on the CFL inverter board. I checked the inverter board which contained a SOP 24 pin Samsung SEM2106 CFL controller chip with a 5A onboard fuse. And all inverter board components looked fine so I ruled out that it was defect. Only the mainboard that is the working motor behind all functions of this TV could be causing this defect.
Next screenshot shows that I was fully able to read, auto verify and save the MX25L3205 serial eeprom on this TV’s mainboard to my computer. With this great RT809H programmer we also simply can delete the BIOS chip of TV’s and Monitors with the VGA ISP connection, completely remove the FW after which the device no longer operates, and then write the FW back to the internal chip
(without even having to open up any device!), and we’ll notice that the TV or monitor works again afterwards like nothing happened! But of course make sure that you read and saved the Firmware first!

I was convinced that only the mainboard was defect and was afraid that hot fixing would not make any difference if the GPU/TV mainboard chip was damaged. Same problem is often the reason that many laptops do not give any visible LCD screen anymore. And in those cases only the external video port may still operate on external monitors. But even that is no certainty if that video chip or its mainboard memory are internally damaged. Reballing and/or replacing any defect chips would make sense but is a very tedious job without any warranties on success at all! Luckily to my surprise I found a seller who still sold a used but good working mainboard. These Medion TV boards are apparently also known as Foehn & Hirsch FH-26LMH – Main AV – MSD306V4.0-A (MSD306V40A) boards. And for 25 Euro and 16 Euro shipping costs I only waited 2 days on my replacement board. Which today arrived and of course was immediately tested. The MEDION MD20174 came indeed back to life and the repair was a great success! Without the IR control (which likely was still kept by the previous owner) my Dreambox DM800HD se with super Japhar SIM OpenPLI6.0*** was connected to the scart port and the TV showed some great screens of which I will add a few screenshots after following mainboard photos (Top and solder side). Following photo shows the top left side of the mainboard.

Next photo top mainboard side with the GPU/TV chip top left and the DVB-T tuner right below.
Photo below shows mainboard bottom/solder side with model/version labels.
Next photo more closely shows the components on the TV mainboard. With step-down mp1582en.
Bad news is showed on TV by beautiful ladies to make all misery bearable.
In previous photos also three LM117 regulators are visible on the mainboard component top side.
Thank GOD for creating la femme and making electronics possible!
After this repair only a small white point on the left part of the screen marks the spot where the outside screen was slightly damaged by the previous owner but with such beauties it is hardly noticeable. And nothing is perfect although above ladies come extremely close! Until another repair!

Author: Albert van Bemmelen, Weert, The Netherlands.


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?楼主| 发表于: 2018-11-22 18:06:59
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NTVS 发表于 2018-11-22 15:03
I am as you say a foreigner and come from Europe.I have been repairing TVs for the last 40 years as??...



你以前在中国呆过吗?还是一直呆在国外? 发表于 2019-2-14 23:06
发表于: 2018-11-22 15:03:03
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I am as you say a foreigner and come from Europe.I have been repairing TVs for the last 40 years as my full time job.Yes business has suffered because of the throw away culture??and also because the TV manufactures do not supply Technical information .Also lack of spare parts is another big problem.All of us who still repair buy a lot from your country China.If there
wasn't Aliexpress and other Chinese online stores we would be totally out business.
Things seem to be changing now as electronic waste is becoming a big problem here in Europe and slowly our governments are encouraging people to repair and reuse equipment.It's not a big thing but it's a start. 50million tons of electronic waste is generated every year in the World,only 10 million tons are recycled.The rest goes into landfills.We cannot go on like this and something will have to be done about it.Things will have to change and the throw away culture is??one of these.

发表于: 2018-11-19 09:02:44
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lixiaosheng 发表于 2018-11-15 12:34

大意就是在自己家楼下垃圾箱有人扔掉的一个旧的26寸 ...

你说不是专业维修的,我拿几台给你试试...??外国人的文化水平高出我们好多。如果他什么都不会不懂 ,如何修好电视机。电视是哪里来的不重要,重要的是有人修好了。我们论坛里外国人多的是 他们不修电器来论坛里干什么呢?????
发表于: 2019-2-27 09:32:36
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发表于: 2018-11-15 12:34:27
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成功钓到一条杠精。再来看看这个吧,https://tvrepairman.com/? 发表于 2018-11-15 13:34
发表于: 2018-11-15 13:16:48
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大约一周前,我注意到一台老式的(2010)26英寸的液晶电视机,有人把它扔到我们大楼的废物容器旁边。在我把它带回家做零件或修理之前,像任何好的工程师一样,我首先检查了MD20174型MeDION电视机是不是损坏得太厉害,幸运的是,LCD屏幕看起来仍然完好无损,可以修理。我检查了外壳上的灰尘,然后检查了电视是否开机了。通过打开背感谢上帝创造LaFEME和电子产品成为可能!修好后,只有屏幕左侧的一个小白点标记了外部屏幕被以前的所有者轻微损坏的地方,但是用这样的美貌几乎看不出来。没有什么是完美的,尽管上面的女士非常接近!直到另一次修复!作者:Albert van Bemmelen,Weert,荷兰。面的电源开关并按下待机侧按钮,屏幕就亮了。但仅仅在短短几秒钟之后,电视就不再对按钮或电源开关做出反应。不管我试过多少次
发表于: 2018-11-15 13:36:04
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lixiaosheng 发表于 2018-11-15 12:34

大意就是在自己家楼下垃圾箱有人扔掉的一个旧的26寸 ...




发表于: 2018-11-16 08:35:01
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发表于: 2018-11-16 13:00:27
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“E”文看不懂? ?? ?? ?? ?
发表于: 2018-11-16 18:56:40
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Thanks for the information


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发表于: 2018-11-19 08:28:34
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就拿美国来说 一坏就扔??捡垃圾都不要??
发表于: 2018-11-19 08:58:01
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icq168 发表于 2018-11-19 08:28
就拿美国来说 一坏就扔??捡垃圾都不要

美国扔垃圾是要出钱的,不是你说扔就可以扔掉哦。 外国人也是人 ,不修就直接扔掉的 是有但不是多数人,中国现在也是一样的,不修的人很多 不要的人也是有的。等到国家新规定一出台 ,旧电器不要了扔掉 要交垃圾处理费用时,我估计扔掉的人就不会有呢么多了。社会在发展,以前一台旧冰箱都可以卖废品 卖一百多块钱,现在呢才卖三十多。等到污染处理费用增加到一定的程度时是要收取大家的费用的。
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